Terminator Virus Eradicator



TERMINATOR is a powerful broad spectrum, bactericide.
For business looking to stay safe and compliant for customers and staff safety.
Cleans & sanitises all surfaces which are likely to cause cross contamination, such as light switches, door handles, work surfaces, computer keyboards, bins, etc.
Meets with EN BS 1276, EN14476 Kills 99.99% bacteria germs and viruses.

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Cleans, degreases and sanitises in one operation.
Safe on paintwork, metal surfaces, glass, rubber and most fabrics.
Contains a Propan-2ol alcohol.
Kills 99.99% bacteria germs & viruses.
Effective against COVID – 19
Meets EN BS 1276, EN BS 14476

Recommended for use in schools, healthcare premises, leisure centres, workplaces, shops, air conditioning units, shower heads and taps.
Safe to use on paintwork, metal surfaces, glass, rubber and most fabrics.

Spray contaminated surface from around 20cm. Allow 30 seconds for the product to dissolve contamination. Wipe away residue with a clean cloth or leave to dry. Repeat if necessary. Always test on an inconspicuous area before use.

For the “Bomb” application:
Ensure all doors and windows are closed.
Shake can well, depress trigger into lock position, vacate the area.
Allow can to discharge, then allow to circulate.
Windows and doors may then be opened to remove residual spray and freshen the area.